RESCUERS 1986-1988

Maria Countess von Maltzan, Germany
Video clip of Maria Countess von Maltzan
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Malka Drucker and I spent three years interviewing 105 rescuers from ten countries. In their own words, forty-nine of these people present a vivid picture of their lives before, during, and after the war as they grapple with the question of why they acted with humanity in a time of barbarism.

"The taxi asks us to check our address in West Berlin-this is not a good neighborhood. But we soon learn that Countess von Maltzan, born to enormous wealth in Silesia, in Germany, lives in this primarily Turkish 'slum,' as she calls it, with pride and conviction. Although the apartments around her have been burglarized, hers is left unharmed because neighbors know her as a friend of the weak and powerless." Rescuers Book